Who We Are

Dave Marmion

Dave and his family live in Austin, TX.  Dave works full time at the University of Texas in the area of finance. In his free time he enjoys traveling, exercising, coaching his boys’ sports teams, and following all the Michigan pro sports teams.  Dave’s favorite Lego is the (London) Tower Bridge.

Allyson Marmion

Allyson is a stay-at-home mom as well as an educator.  In a previous season of life she was a Public Health Administrator.  In her free time, of which there is very little, she enjoys reading and cooking.  And she loves the Green Bay Packers.  Her favorite Lego is the life size R2D2.

Zach Marmion
Marketing & Creative Services

Zach loves Legos more than anyone we know.  He builds them, plays with them, reviews them online, and creates awesome Lego figure movies.  Zach also loves playing hockey as well as writing and illustrating books. His favorite Lego is the Star Wars Republic Gunship. 

Owen Marmion 

Owen is active and full of life.  He enjoys playing sports, with his favorites being hockey, soccer, baseball and basketball.  He also loves sports video games. Owen plays the clarinet and enjoys reading.  His favorite Lego is the NBA Ultimate Arena.

Nutter Butter
Mascot 1

Nutter Butter is one of our Guinea Pigs. She likes to eat, snuggle, and run through Lego mazes.  

Mascot 2

Oreo is our other Guinea Pig.  She likes to whistle.  ALL THE TIME!

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