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But not everyone can afford them or has access to them. That's where RePlay comes in.  Our mission is to take donated used Legos, clean and sanitize them, and get them in the hands of kids who otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience the joy of playing with Legos.  

If you're like us, you've got a big bin, or two, full of Legos all mixed together from many different sets.  Your kids have grown beyond the age of playing with them anymore and you're wondering what to do with them.  We're here to help.

Legos cannot be recycled through the normal recycling process but they can be recycled to other families.  Please consider donating your Legos to RePlay and be a part of bringing joy to other children.

As a non-profit organization we also accept monetary donations to help defray the costs of cleaning, packaging and shipping Legos.  Please see our Donate tab or the Donate button in the upper left corner. All monetary donations are tax deductible.

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