Q:  Do the Legos need to be sorted?

A:  No.  We will sort them for you.  Just send them on and let us do the work.  If you know you have broken pieces or non-Lego pieces we prefer not to receive those as we don't reuse.  However if you can't sort them out we will do so.

Q:  Do you accept new Lego sets?

A:  Yes.  While we don't typically distribute new Legos to our partners, they are certainly welcome. However if you are looking to spend money on them, a monetary donation to RePlay is more cost effective (we can buy bulk Lego sets on eBay) plus you get a tax deduction.  Please see our Donate button in the upper left corner or visit the Donate Tab for more information.

Q:  Do you accept other types of toys?

A:  Unfortunately no.  We are not currently set up to receive and RePlay other types of toys.

Q:  How do you clean and sanitize the Legos?

A:  If the Legos are dirty we first clean them with soap and water either by hand or in the dishwasher. Then we use a mild bleach and water solution to sanitize the Legos.  In speaking to an Infectious Disease doctor this is a safe and effective method for cleaning the Legos without discoloring the pieces.  This is also the method recommended by Fisher Price on their website.

Fisher Price - Best Way To Clean Toys

Q:  Do you ever resell the donated Legos you receive?

A:  No.  All donated Legos are given to our partners or charitable organizations.  Only broken Legos, odd pieces that cannot be used, or non-Lego brand pieces are discarded.  No pieces are resold.

Q:  Do you only distribute Legos to the partners listed on your website?

A:  Not necessarily.  We normally distribute to them because we know they are associated with children who can use them.  However if you know of another organization in need of Legos for children who otherwise cannot get access to them please email us at info@replaybricks.org and tell us about your organization.  We are always looking for new partners.

Q:  Is RePlay associated with or sponsored by The Lego Group?

A:  No.  We are a separate non-profit organized simply to bring the joy of Legos to children who cannot afford them.  We do not represent The Lego Group in any way.

Q:  Can Legos be recycled?

A:  Very rarely.  Legos are made from plastic #7 which is not accepted at most recycling centers (information from Recycle Nation).  Before taking them to your recycling center please call and ask if they are accepted.  Or, better yet, send them to RePlay so other kids can use them over and over.

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