Saturday, May 28, 2016

Welcome to RePlay

Would you like to make someone's day?

Our mission at RePlay is to bring the joy of Legos to kids who otherwise would not have access to them or be able to afford them.  You can join us by donating used Legos to RePlay.  We will clean them, package them, and get them in the hands of kids who will enjoy them for years to come.

Why Legos?  Well, first, because we love them.  You probably do too.  Our family has been enjoying Legos for years, and while our window for playing with them is closing, we know there are plenty of kids who have never experienced them.

Legos are simple, foster creativity, don't require any batteries or set-up, and they have staying power. They were first created in 1949, and as of 2015, 600 billion Legos have been produced.  Forbes Magazine named Legos the Toy of the 20th Century (sorry, Mr. Potato Head).

So how can you help?

 - Explore the rest of our website.
 - Get the word out to others.
 - Like, and share, our Facebook page.
 - Donate - used Legos or monetary donations.
 - Let us know of organizations that could use Legos.
 - Keep playing!

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